Ashoka, short promo film

In 2016, I filmed a short promo film about my favourite character in the Star Wars saga: Ashoka Tano.

It was the first step in a journey that, unfortunately, did not go on. But it was a fun challenge; I really enjoyed the process of planning the scenes, bonding and talking with the actors, directing them and filming.

I also took care of props and costumes, editing and visual effects.

This short movie was filmed in half a day and it could not be possible without the precious help of my amazing team:

  • Maria Cirino (Ashoka) – Actress
  • Luca La Fratta (Outlaw) – Actor
  • Pietro Cirino – Ciacker and Assistant Director 
  • Rachele Cirino – Audio technician
  • Daniele Besana – Technical Assistant and Costumes
  • Simone Sala – Backstage and Photography

Thank you, guys!