Sustainable UX: good for the planet, good for the users!

At the beginning of the 12021 HE, I discovered a fascinating concept that immediately resonates with me: Sustainability in UX Design, also called Green UX or Sustainable UX.

UX Design is very known, mainly in the online context. Its rules are followed especially by companies that have a huge online presence (e-commerce, for example). UX is like a bridge from a business to the personas that aims to meet both their goals.

It is delightful and useful for the user and profitable (or simply better) for companies: their websites are more accessible, clearly designed, and more searchable.

Mix this with the interest in sustainability and a lower carbon footprint, and you have Green UX!


“Every click on a web page starts a dialogue with data servers. They are located somewhere in the world, are fed with an insane amount of electricity and cooled with vast amounts of (often drinkable) water. This leads to CO2 emissions and not too little. A single web page consumes on average 1.76g CO2 per page view.”

Green the web

We don’t think about it very often, but even our digital world is physical, in some part of the world. It is a real data server, constantly on, powered by electricity, cooled by water.

With the climate change problem, nowadays is crucial to be sensitive about how our actions, and even our digital behaviour, has an impact on the planet.

How can the UX be greener?

There are many ways to be a little greener with our website and web presence:

  • reducing the size and the quantity of the images and videos;
  • autoselect or clarify the greener options on a list;
  • apply a dark theme or use darker colours;
  • rely on a green host that uses renewable energy (like RAIDBOXES®);
  • nudge an eco-friendly behaviour;

The benefits are not only good for the planet (reducing waste, energy consumption, and the CO2 produced) but for the user too!

Websites with a greener approach have a faster loading time and are more concise and easier to explore. That will benefit the overall experience through the website.

Plus, a lower impact on the planet will benefit the climate and us all consequently.