Motion graphic design per Openworks

From 2012 to 2019 I worked at OpenWorks, creating motion graphics and high quality animated slides. It was my first job and I learned a lot in the first years.
As my confidence with the tools, software and processes rise, I started to challenge the method we used and, in agreement with the art director, I tried to implement a new animation style, visually pleasing and high quality, but quite versatile and easy to use.

I created an animated loops system that could be used in various contexts and adapt to the client’s needs (like different budgets and/or deadlines). These loops can also be inserted in static and text pages as GIFs, creating movement and “life” even there.

It became easier to produce high-quality slides and animations, even with a small budget, so the overall quality of our courses increased a lot, with only a little initial effort.

A more complex animation but in the same style as the loops.
This video was created with the loop method. The quality and visual aspects are the same but it is much easier to animate.