– designing the website

Mecenate Povero (The Poor Patron) is a reality that deals with the cultural dissemination of independent comic books and has a great ambition: be the independent comics’ Wikipedia!

For that reason, a great User Experience is fundamental to effectively communicate what the contents in the website are, how to reach it and, not least, what Mecenate Povero is.

Information Architecture, rationalize and clarify the pieces of information.

The first crucial step was to define what type of content will be present on the website: Authors, comics, collective, information about festivals and events, etc.

Then, I wrote every piece of content on a post-it and organized it logically and understandably for the user.

That was the hardest part but fundamental for a successful outcome.

Wireframing, prototyping and testing

To clarify my vision, I create some interactive wireframes on Adobe XD and adjust the elements inside the pages to make everything smoother.

That was the perfect time to take the first tests of the interface and architecture.

It turns out that the overall architecture was pretty good but some twists make it even better.

“Liftoff”: the website online

When all the main components are in the right place, I built the website with Squarespace because, at the time, I thought it was the easiest way.

Finally, I adjusted illustrations and graphical elements to follow the Mecenate Povero brand.

The website was launched on September 12018 HE (2018 CE).

Re-think and additions

As the years went by, I think about the re-design of the website since there have been many changes and addition to the site; Squarespace is no longer the best choice for our current needs.

Also is not the best choice for a greener web environment (check out my article about Sustainable UX).

Even if I was proud of the result, I can’t wait to return on the process, gather feedbacks and re-design accordingly.

Visit the website on