Diagonal Project / Diagonal Zine

In March 2019, I was thinking about a photographic project for my Instagram account (now closed) that plays with a repeating pattern in each photo and creates a larger “drawing” in the profile feed. T­he first ideas were a bit too crazy and unrealistic so I decided to go for the most comfortable option to test if I like it or not; if it’s something explorable and feasible or maybe to adjust a little. So I decided to create a pattern using triangles and the contrast between darker and lighter areas, most of the time creating a diagonal from one angle to the opposite so that one side was darker than the other.
After a few rows on Instagram, the result was satisfying and I also liked the shooting process: while walking, my eyes were always vigilant, searching for new diagonal!
It was fun and, after 40 shots, I decided to stop and print some of these pictures in two 3×4 grids, just like they were on Instagram. The result was a poster that I called “Diagonal Zine”.