“Banda Bandana”: five little troublemakers in a comic series

I was a wild boy, always searching for new adventures, places to discover, climb, explore…

When I first met Milena Monti and her project “Lo Spunk” I knew I found someone similar to me, with a similar spirit, and a project that suits me.

Lo Spunk is a magazine for little girls and boys, full of illustrations, interesting research, pieces of information and stories.

Thanks to Milena’s trust and encouragement, I started my first experience in writing and drawing one-page adventure’s comics. It was scary and amazing at the same time.

Illustration for the issue 6 cover, year 2021

The project

“Banda Bandana” (literally ‘the Bandana Gang’) is a comic about five children that try to do things on their own; they don’t need adults’ help and they attempt to do some grown-up activities (like drinking coffee, voting or do remote meetings) with creativity, imagination and with the child spontaneity and ingenuity.

In some cases, I picked situations from my personal childhood experiences, my memories of trips at the sea or on the mountains, the games I use to play outside and the things that I tried to do, far from my parents’ eyes.

I’m satisfied with some pages, less with others, but most importantly, I’m happy that my little experiment was appreciated by many readers! And, most of all, I’m glad that I tried to draw these adventures.

This is the first adventure of the gang: they stole some coffee and drank it to be like adults… But the taste is not what they expected. For most of them.
Here the gang is exploring nature and its creatures, on a beautiful trip to the mountain.
The last episode of the series celebrates the diversity in the group and in everyone.