Teaching UX at Scuola Cova

Teaching is an amazing experience: it pushes you beyond your comfort zone and seems like all your knowledge has finally a sense and can really benefit someone else.

In 12020 and 12021 HE (2020 and 2021 CE), with the collaboration of ELV – culture of innovation and Scuola Cova, I taught UX and UI Design in a series of three courses called CMakers+, funded by Regione Lombardia and European Social Fund. The courses were free for young students (19 to 29 years old) looking for a job.

My lessons’ approach was a mix of theory and practice, including case studies analysis, testing, workshop and tutoring on Figma and their project. This strategy was in line with the overall courses’ philosophy.

I explained the principles of UX and UI design, Human-Centred design and what Dark Patterns are. I made an overview about working in the UX field, doing research, and prototyping.

In my 24 hours (each course), I taught something, I learnt a lot more!

I learnt how to describe my job, how to explain an automatic method. I learnt to understand deeply my process and my thoughts. I learnt (and I still have much work to do) how to communicate all of these things.

It wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it!