UX and UI design for IoT and Fashion/luxury industry with Temera

Temera is a leading tech company providing IoT solution dedicated to fashion, luxury and retail industry; they develop software to help their client (brands like Gucci, Cartier, Prada and others) with logistics and retail solutions, using NFC and RFID tags.
I helped them with the interface of some of their services, either re-designing their core software or new development, making them more definite and more user friendly.

My process involves the study of the overall use case scenario, understanding the context of use and the main goals for the user.
Then, I design some of the main interfaces first roughly, doing wireframes, and them with more specific and refine elements; I continue designing in between screens until I get a complete interactive mockup.
It wasn’t easy: Temera was an entirely new field for me and was the first time I managed a complete mockup for something. It was stressful, but the outcome worths the effort.