E-learning platform design – Digital Pills for Teach

Digital Pills For Teach is an e-learning platform designed for teachers that want to improve their knowledge about how to engage with the students and what tools they can use to teach effectively from remote.
I worked in a small team where I led the platform design, the communication with the developer; I conducted user tests and introduced and reinforced some storytelling elements in the project.

UX Research and Benchmarking

First of all, I conducted a brief research and interview with some ideal users, understanding the level of knowledge of that kind of platform and what they regularly use and enjoy. Then I collected some screenshots from similar digital environments and some best practices. They were very valuable to look at when I was in doubt or to understand if I wasn’t seeing something potentially useful for the users.

Wireframing and early testing

As soon as I could, I started sketching and wireframing the main screens, outlining the overall process and the user flow inside the platform.
The wireframe was very basic but then I was able to conduct the first tests to understand if everything flows smoothly enough.
It was also interesting to hear and see what the users imagined while exploring the interactive wireframe.

Designing the Interface

The idea was clear, so I started designing the UI, beginning with the guidelines, fonts and palettes and then shifting to components design: buttons, cards, tabs, rewards and so on. That took a while, but I was constantly communicating with the developer to understand what to prioritize in my mockup on Figma.
When the mockup and the prototype were done, I started another testing round to refine the design and gather the first feedback and opinions.